Those who believe in magic will find it!


The irony of trying to make other people smarter is that this is exact thing that happens to you during the process!

As the founder of Suits & Sneakers, I have spent the last few weeks curating content for our new online university and my brain is on fire. After watching yet another YouTube video a few minutes ago, I paused to think about this idea that I can draw a direct correlation between how much I learn, how grateful I am, how much I enjoy life and, how happy I am in general. That said, I have also seen my ability to generate revenue sky rocket as a direct consequence.

The craziest part about all of this is that the world’s information is now freely available to anyone who has an internet connection. In other words, the internet has democratised information sharing, knowledge acquisition and ultimately, education. 

Everyday, it is my goal to widen my frame of reference about the world so that I can increase the value of the problems I solve for others while helping others to do the exact same. I genuinely believe that people become a lot happier in life when they realise that they’re here to help other people! And thanks to technology, a normal person can help so many more people than ever before. This is why we are living in the most exciting times!

When this penny drops, your life will never be the same! Those who believe in magic will find it and today I am spellbound!