Things to remember when you do something new!


In my life, I have always been the type of person to venture away from the norm and experiment across the board. When I look back over the last decade or so, I have seen a pattern emerge that I’d like to share with all of you.

The thing about doing something new is that at first, you’re going to look and feel kind of silly. This is normal. You’re setting yourself up for small failures, but those are also really important, because this is how you will learn and grow. The key here is not to keep making the same mistake over and over.

If you can get your head around this, the world is literally your oyster!


But like all classic infomercials, there’s more. When doing something new, it’s also important to understand how the outside world will perceive you throughout the process.

1. When you first do something new, many people will laugh at you. This is normal. People often mock/judge that which is different, or that which they don’t understand. Don’t take this too seriously, it’s a “them” thing.

2. When they’re done laughing, they will challenge you. And that’s because the human condition gravitates toward familiarity. People aren’t always a fan of “new” because it resembles the unknown. And the unknown is painful for most people. Again, if you can make peace with this process and disconnect yourself from how other people respond, you will win in this life.

3. Challenges will come and go, but if you attach action to your idea, and you create value for other people, those people will start to appreciate you. That’s because the entire universe is attracted to consistent value creation. Above all, this should be the goal and in the long run, you are always rewarded when you create value for other people. But remember, there’s a difference between chasing after value creation, and doing anything you can to please people.

4. Lastly, when you create value consistently, the very same people that laughed at you in the beginning, will set you as an example later on. Action and value creation cure fear for yourself and others.


No matter what good you bring to the world. There’s actually nothing you can do to make those people feel different because they are projecting their issues onto you. That’s why there is immense freedom is disconnecting yourself from what other people think.

The only caveat I would add to the above is that you want to always want to practice empathy for those that hurt you.

This may sound contradictive, but these people are secretly crying out for help. Healthy people want to see others grow. It’s only hurt people that try to hurt other people. When you can stop caring about the outside world but have immense empathy at the same time, you become the most powerful human being in the world!

I hope this encourages you to expand yourself and do something new. Imagine all the things people never tried because of other people around them? Don’t get to a later point in your life and feel that kind of regret. There is nothing worse!