See for yourself: Self-driving cars are here!


Self-driving cars aren’t the future, they are here now. Just see for yourself!

There are many companies that are adding heaps of pressure on governments around the world and societies in general to flip toward self-driving cars but today I’d like to steer your attention toward Waymo, who has been working on self-driving technology since the early days at Google in 2009.

Today, they have the world’s first and only fleet of fully self-driving cars on public roads, and have self-driven over 5 million miles.

After more than eight years of development, Waymo has taken the next step toward unlocking the potential of fully self-driving technology. In November 2017, Waymo’s safest, most advanced fully self-driving vehicles started test-driving on public roads, without anyone in the driver’s seat.

Before this, Waymo vehicles were operating on public roads with a test driver at the wheel. Now, in an area of the Phoenix metro region, a subset of their fleet are operating in fully autonomous mode, with Waymo as the sole driver. Over time, they will cover a region that’s larger than the size of Greater London, and they’ll add more vehicles as we grow.

Waymo recently released this 360° video which allows you to take control of the camera to see through the “eyes” of our car:

In order to understand the future, we must understand that we now live in a time of exponential improvement but that this rate of change doesn’t come very natural to most humans. That’s why so many people think that this technology is still so far away when the truth is, it’s knocking on our doorstep!

I personally can’t wait to get back the 3 hours of time spent behind the wheel everyday. And even more, I can’t wait for the price of each drive to drop dramatically the more people begin to use self-driving cars. Just like Skype and Whatsapp democratised communication, I see renewable energy and self-driving cars democratising transport. This is really good for the average person and could be great for car manufacturers who innovate accordingly but they have to decide quickly which side of the innovation cycle they’re on.

Either way, the future is NOW!


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