Rituals and habits to set 2018 on fire!


It is said that the difference between average and successful people is the difference in the minute-by-minute decisions they both make!

But this thought process isn’t obvious because these small decisions are made inside the minds of successful people far removed from the public eye. This is why it is often assumed that successful people are just talented or lucky but after much of my own subjective research, I am 100% sure this isn’t the case.

Since the beginning of 2018, I have been focusing on the small decisions throughout each day that make a massive difference. None of these things have been easy nor have I got them right all the time but I start each day by focusing on this list which I wanted to share with each of you:

  • Be absolutely intentional in every aspect of my life. Be laser-like in my focus. Be REALLY intentional with my language because words are magic. (Thank you John Sanei)
  • Make my bed! I used to hate doing this and that’s exactly why I should do it first thing in the morning! What a lesson in discipline. (Thank you Michael Kirk)
  • Constantly iterate and add to the systems, procedures and mental models in my life. Also known as accretion (thanks Erik Kruger). This is how I keep in tune with the list you’re reading right now.
  • Guard my time and my mental energy. Both are limited and should be used wisely. Always be open but say no often unless I’m 100% sure. Links back to being intentional at every aspect of my life.
  • Be thankful and grateful for everything in my life. Approach the ups and downs with equal enthusiasm. Gratitude = Happiness! (Thanks Darren Smithson)
  • Play the long game. Focus on delayed gratification.
  • Always use the night before to prepare for the next day! Be focused on perpetual planning! (Thanks Tim Ferriss)
  • Write everything down! Make constant notes in Evernote and always review them. Create a to do list. Act on the to do list. Use my calendar. Set alerts.
  • Try to complete the hardest tasks first thing when I have the most energy. This is why making my bed is so important!
  • Get up early and train. Even on off days, just move. (Thanks Dwayne Hurn)
  • Intermittent fasting. Eat for nutrition. Drinks lots of water. No alcohol except on special occasions. Cheat once a week. (Thank you Doc Marty)
  • Constantly expand my frame of reference about the world. Listen to podcasts daily while driving. This is the backbone of my informal education journey. Also, schedule time in my calendar to read so that I don’t leave it up to chance. Use YouTube to research a wide variety of topics.
  • Cement my learnings by writing a blog post at least once a week! Post on Suits & Sneakers website (which is why you’re reading this). Learning sticks if you know you have to teach it back later.
  • Focus on adding value in every aspect of my business life. This is the only way I want to make money. As an entrepreneur, I want to constantly solve problems and remove friction points for other people. My ultimate aim is to help people become better versions of themselves and more ready to add value in the future.
  • Love with all your heart. LOVE ENDLESSLY! (Thanks Kelly Souris)

And there you have it. My final point is this: Often times we even sabotage ourselves by not making these kinds of minute-by-minute decisions mentioned above. Luckily, there is never a better time to start than right now. Good luck and may this year be your best yet!



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