Pay your domestic more! Tip the petrol attendant more!


This morning, I filled my car up with petrol and gave the petrol attendant R50 for helping me.

As I gave him the money, I intentionally told him that I believe in him, that I wish only good things for him and his family, that he must never forget that there are many good South Africans out there, and that I hope he passes on the good fortune in some way to someone else today.

As you can imagine, he was both speechless and endlessly thankful. This story isn’t just about tipping generously but also about giving with intention to bend reality. I am acting as the change I wish to see in South Africa. This is why the combination of the money AND message is powerful. I didn’t just want to make his day, I wanted him to know we all have the power to create change no matter who we are, what we do or how much we earn.


This is a practice I’ve adopted for the last few months after chatting to a friend of mine named Doc Marty a while ago about my domestic worker who is an absolute gem of a human being. I was telling him that when she first started working for me, I asked her how much she wanted to earn per day. She said R200 and I agreed but I had been feeling for a while that I needed to pay her more. I was going to increase her pay to R250 a day until Marty told me that he had recently decided to pay his domestic R300 (he was also paying her R200 before this). This inspired me to match his efforts. When I told my domestic that I was increasing her pay, I also told her the same thing I told the petrol attendant after I gave him the R50. I could see she was genuinely affected by this act of kindness because so few people do it. This is how we can all bend reality and change people’s lives for the better.


I’m not telling you this to score brownie points or impress you. I’m telling you in hopes of challenging and encouraging you to adopt the same mentality. When I asked Marty why he was paying his domestic more, he told me that he decided to scrap the old “market related salary” mentality that everyone uses to justify paying incredibly low wages and do the right thing. This inspired me to do the same. The extra money I’m giving every month means so much to my domestic, the petrol attendant, and everyone else that I choose to give to in this manner and it brings about real change in their lives. And imagine what happens if just a few extra people start to do the same? That’s how you change a country!


But I want to end this post by explaining the benefits available to you if you choose to adopt such a practice because abundance is something you tune into. When you actively decide to give more, you are sending a message to your subconscious that “there is enough”, “I will get more” and “I am thankful for what I have”. In other words, you are opening up your heart’s capacity to receive more and in return, life will invite you to play on a bigger stage because giving is contagious.

In other words… Give more to your domestic, the gardener, the petrol attendant, the waiter, the car guard, the tea lady, and the tea lady’s dog. And when you do, speak words of life and love into the gift. Then watch this country grow and watch your heart’s capacity grow.