Introducing the “Fast Forward” webinar series brought to you by WeWork!


We’re so excited to announce the creation of the “Fast Forward” webinar series which is brought to you by WeWork, and created by Suits & Sneakers!

For the last few months, Suits & Sneakers has been operating a webinar/podcast studio inside the WeWork building in Sandton, Johannesburg. When COVID hit, we were no longer able to host our events in person, which meant like most businesses, we had to adapt and do it quickly.

After taking a few weeks to work out our next move, we decided to have a look at some space inside WeWork and setup our studio. Since then, we can honestly say it has been the best move we’ve ever made. We LOVE coming to WeWork everyday, and we wish more people would consider making the switch. And we don’t say this lightly.

With this in mind, we approached WeWork not too long ago, and we pitched the idea of creating a FREE webinar series on their behalf. Our thinking is that we want to help WeWork add value to others, and use the attention generated to showcase the incredible, behind the scenes details of their offering!


After spending some time conceptualising how it would all work, we decided to create a FREE ongoing webinar series that focus on the future of work.

Our goal is to help people understand the rate of change that the world is experiencing, and offer them a perspective on how to prepare for the future of work across the board. When you consider how quickly the world had to adapt because of COVID, you realise how important it is to be proactively agile.

Added to this, Suits & Sneakers is applying all the lessons we have learned this year from a production quality perspective, and we will be making sure that each webinar is more like a TV show that is well produced, and worth taking the time to watch.

Ultimately, we are creating a social contract with you that adheres to three protocols:

1️⃣ We promise to create content that will add value to your business life, and that will help you prepare for the future of work.

2️⃣ We promise that all our speakers will be engaging and entertaining. We think great content, and entertainment are intricately connected.

3️⃣ We promise to honour your time by making sure our content is well produced and of the highest quality. We don’t want to be classified as just another webinar series.


Our first episode features Mark Sham (founder/CEO of Suits & Sneakers), and he will be presenting a topic called “Back to the Future”.

In this keynote, Mark first sets a context by exploring the exponential future that is hurtling toward everyone in both their private and professional capacities. Once we understand WHY the rate of change is speeding up, we can then look ahead toward understanding how to thrive in this future.

Ultimately, this webinar explores how each person needs to become #ForeverEducated so that they are always relevant in the future!

Here are all the details:

IMPORTANT: If you can’t attend LIVE, just register your details and a recording of the webinar will sent to you after the webinar is complete.


Again, we are so thankful to WeWork who have made this entire series possible! This is really their series more than anything, and we are just helping bring it to life.

So please join us for this series. And please help us by sharing the details with others. The whole aim is to help in some way, and this is the best way we know how!