An example of GREAT marketing: Virtika Outerwear


Often times, the best businesses are born out of sheer frustration and these companies aren’t as interested in profits as they are in solving a big problem!

I often argue that it’s really hard to compete against a really annoyed customer who is fed up with the status quo and decides that they can do it better. If the problem this customer is trying to solve is big enough and they have enough skill and drive to solve that problem then there’s big trouble for everyone else in that industry.

There are loads of examples of this exact scenario. I recently wrote an article on how Elon Musk is singlehandedly disrupting the automotive industry and it perfectly illustrates the same thing that I’m trying to explain here. The founders of these types of companies tend to break all the “rules” that come with starting a conventional business which makes for really exciting times for the rest of the world.

Today, I’d like to introduce you to a man named David Lesh who started Virtika which manufacturers affordable, stylish, high quality, technical outerwear in the snow sports industry.

I don’t partake in any form of snow sports which is what makes this story relevant. A friend of mine, John Sanei, stumbled on the Virtika website while in Dubai and immediately wrote to me to recommend I watch Virtika’s great marketing video:

I personally love this kind of marketing for the following reasons:

  • The message in this video is raw and authentic. David doesn’t try to sell you his products with that typical corporate tone.
  • The message in this video lines up to the DNA of Virtika. You genuinely believe that David Lesh was frustrated with his industry and wanted to create a better product than what was out there!
  • Great content always wins in the end. David and his team put some real money and effort into making this video and as a result, people like me will write articles about it.


As technology continues to evolve, it gets easier and cheaper to create great content which means that more people can do it. These day, if your marketing is just run-of-the-mill and you don’t seek to truly add value to your customers processes in some way, then you are in big trouble.

your audience just won’t stand for a mediocre marketing message anymore!

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