Does work feel a little too much like work?


FLOW. Such a lovely buzzword. I just read it again in a recent post by J.T O’Donnell who says “I used my passion … to land a job in training and development … I found what many people call, “flow.” Work no longer felt like work.”

I know flow is possible. I lived it once in my very first full-time job. Sadly the company was sold and the flow trickled away. Over the last four years I’ve struggled to flow. My life has seemed messy, morose, and disparate.

One of my fruitful forays and one of the things that has brought me the most joy is managing my own share portfolio. I just know that it’s something where I have applied my intelligence, emotions, sense, and way of doing things … and have experienced success (far surpassing the returns I set out to achieve). I love it. I also love that I’m in charge, I make the decisions, and I risk my capital. No-one ever complains about the way I manage my portfolio.

Dance teacher, consultant, investor (and other) … I was confused with what I wanted to do in life. I knew that business excited me. With confidence gained from my portfolio’s success, I wanted to diversify. I opened myself up to investing in local start-up business … unfortunately my business partner sneakily coerced me into starting and running the business as well! I fell in love. I was alive! (see my previous post The Power of Wow!) Things clicked. I’ve always called it my first business. I’m now exploring my second with the first not even having launched yet! *still waiting to see how this works out

I realise I haven’t mentioned what that business does despite how damn excited I am about it! To be perfectly honest, it’s irrelevant what it does. What’s relevant is why.

1. I’m fulfilling my desire to help people, and add value.
2. I’m following my passion … which happens to be business.
3. I’m fulfilling my purpose – I’m called to love and when I connect or in any way have some positive effect on someone’s life – I feel like magic.

And this is the only reason York Zucchi gave me the time of day when I asked for tea instead of coffee when I met him for a chat his offices. I almost got kicked out. I am the Tea Khaleesi. He is Chief Coffee Drinker at his company. It seemed a match made in the bowels of Sheol. However as I do, he also helps people. He also adores business (and Africa!), and I think he’s fulfilling his purpose. It’s beautiful and inspiring and all those other emo words we serious entrepreneurs embrace under duress.

So it’s really not about tea or coffee or healthcare or transportation or dancing. It’s about what they mean – why?

1. Do you know what your desire is?
2. Do you know what your passion is?
3. Do you know what your purpose is?

Make it happen!

Tessa is a learning specialist, fledgling entrepreneur and teacher. You can connect with her on LinkedIn or Twitter!

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