A simple guide to being happy in life!


My good friend, John Sanei, once told me something that I will never forget. He believes that our reality is just focused attention. In other words, how you feel about the world is a direct result of what you think day in, day out.

Recently, another good friend of mine, Darren Smithson, said something so profound. He believes that fear, anxiety and depression cannot share the same head space as gratitude. If you’re feeling down, focus on something in your life that you’re grateful for. Then pick something else to feel grateful for and then the next. This is how you build a positive mindset!

These are two very special pieces of advice that I’ve really been focusing on everyday and I hope you do the same because this is how successful people hack their own lives and ultimately become happy.

PS. Social media can be used for many things but today’s a good day to use your own microphone to spread positive vibes and happiness with others!


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